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Septic tank problems are always a dirty business, but no matter how much we take care of it and how careful we are of what goes in there, it seems that there is just no avoiding these issues. Sometimes, the… Continue reading

Getting an average septic tank pumping cost is not as easy as it sounds especially given the fact that costs greatly vary depending on the state or area that you are in. For example, I live in Texas where a… Continue reading

Not many people think about septic tank covers, but these items are essential not only to make maintenance easier, but also to keep the environment a clean and safe place for the whole community. Normally, these parts of the septic… Continue reading

There are quite a number of things you need to keep in mind before you consider to get a septic tank installation. First of all, some states or areas require certain permits before one can be made, while there are… Continue reading

Knowing the basics of a septic tank design can be more advantageous than you think. In fact, I was surprised to know just how much of the cost of repairs and place replacements I can save just by knowing the… Continue reading

Do you know how does a septic tank work?  As far as I know, it is easy to understand and the science behind the mechanism is actually simple. It is as easy as understanding how air and water finds… Continue reading

Septic tank service costs vary from company to company.  The problem with this variation is companies can play around with the cost and gouge their customers.  I, myself, have a problem with that as companies do not tell… Continue reading

For sure, it’s going to be tedious for you to find a septic tank price that would easily be accommodated by your pocket.  The economy is down, prices are going up.  One good way to make the job… Continue reading

Families in the United States should start installing septic tank risers.  The issue is not about the presence or the absence of any septic tank law in one’s state.  Whether there are any of such laws in your… Continue reading

If you’ve got money, don’t hesitate to buy a septic tank riser for your septic system.  It’s not in any way going to increase the volume capacity of your septic tank, but I am sure it can save you… Continue reading