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For sure, it’s going to be tedious for you to find a septic tank price that would easily be accommodated by your pocket.  The economy is down, prices are going up.  One good way to make the job easy for you is to find a price guide or look for reviews that show companies’ septic tank price list and discuss the pros and cons of buying this or that brand and this or that model.

Price Of Septic Tank – Determining Factors

The main factor that determines prices of septic tanks is size. Simply said, the larger the capacity of the tank is, the higher the price.  Septic tanks are made of either fiberglass, steel or concrete.  If you are in a place where installation is necessary, the best type to use is concrete.  This kind of tanks provides the best service without having to be attended to frequently for maintenance.  The typical volume capacity is 1000 gallons and the usual concrete septic tank price range is from five hundred to seven hundred dollars.

If you will live in a rural area where installation is usually required, get to research ahead about the regular 1000 gallon septic tank price.  Ask the community if they are strict on the septic tank make up, I mean the material of the septic tank.

Permit Fee

You can’t install the septic on your own volition.  You will have to ask permission from the local authorities first, pay them about $300, and then show them a layout of your septic tank and the location.  I think you will have to wait for about three weeks to see if your application has been approved.

Installation Costs

It is not only the septic tank that has to be installed because the entire drainage system is made up of the septic tank, the drainfield, the gravel, the pressure system, the aerobic wastewater system and the peat filter system.  All of these systems are connected by pipes that are in turn connected to the sink, toilet and bathroom.

Installation of the septic tank is about 3000 to 5000 dollars with labor cost already included.  However, if the labor cost in your area is a bit high, prepare a few hundred dollars more.

Installing the aerobic water system is far more expensive as you should prepare 6000 to 10000 dollars for this.  For the drainfield, an additional 3000 to 5000 dollars is needed.

Maintenance And Repair Costs

septic-tank_1As I’ve mentioned, having the concrete type of septic tank is less expensive in terms of maintenance, but still, it all depends on how you take care of your septic system.  Obstruction can happen from time to time and repairs may be needed.  If you maintain it poorly, it can cause about 3000 to 5000 dollars for every maintenance visit.

Septic tanks can last for over 50 years if properly take care of.  Now, if there’s no control of water use and you frequently do pumping and throw solid matters into the toilet or the sink, expect frequent maintenance service and reduction in the life service of your tank.

Just remember how much money you will put into this project and you’d surely keep the drainage system in good shape all the time.

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