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Septic tank problems are always a dirty business, but no matter how much we take care of it and how careful we are of what goes in there, it seems that there is just no avoiding these issues. Sometimes, the drain in the tub and the shower does not clear up fast enough, or maybe it is the sink. Worse are those problems when I smell something foul from the drains or when the toilet just doesn’t flush correctly and you are left with unclean water.

Problem Symptoms

These instances are just some of the examples of septic tank problems symptoms. They are quite easy to recognize because frankly, they are not normal and you just know that something is wrong. When something does not work as it should or something looks or even smells bad, then you should take these signs as a warning and start to seek solutions before the problems get any worse. I often experience the drain system clearing up too slowly or the toilet water being weaker than it should be. These cases are easier to solve as sometimes, all I have to do is run what is known as the plumber’s snake down the line. This clears up any clogs or any blockages that may be causing the drainage problem. When this does not solve the problem, I try other solutions and also keep the problem area from being used. You should also be aware of other signs such as foul odors or dips in the soil or other water fill ups that should not be where they are.

Common Septic Tank Problems

In cases where the problem cannot be solved with simple do-it-yourself solutions, I call for the experts and ask them about the problem so that I know what to do the next time. Surprisingly, they always say only one issue that leads to common septic tank problems, and that is when the septic tank has been overfilled. The simple way that the septic tank works is it basically divides the wastes from the water. There is dirt that is lighter than water and thus floats above, while there is the sludge or sinkable solids that settle to the bottom of the tank. In the middle is the treated water which then goes through to the drain fields.

Septic Tank Drainfield Problems

The drainfield is where the treated water goes, and this is where most of the problems begin. Also known as the leach field, the mound, seepage bed, or the seepage pit, this is where the formation of the biomat occurs. I was told that in its simplest sense, there are microbes or microorganisms that attach themselves to rocks or the soil particles where they can feed on the organic matter that is still present in the wastewater. They form a jelly-like layer at the bottom of the drain field that is not as permeable as soil, but still lets water through. Septic tank drainfield problems start when this layer gets too thick, thus blocking the passage of the water.


Septic Tank Problems And Solutions

Septic2Septic tank problems and solutions always begin with proper maintenance. The tank needs to be cleared and cleaned at least once a year. There are also studies that have shown that installing what is known as aerator motors will keep the tank clean enough, thus needing a cleanout only once every ten years or so.

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