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Getting an average septic tank pumping cost is not as easy as it sounds especially given the fact that costs greatly vary depending on the state or area that you are in. For example, I live in Texas where a pumping service comes to an average of about two hundred and fifty dollars. However, my sister who lives in Central Ohio only pays about one hundred and fifty dollars for the pumping cost. Different pumping companies from different states definitely charge varying fees, with some even collecting additional charges for certain services such as inspections or for having to dig for the tank.

Factors That Affect Cost Of Pumping

There are quite a number of factors that could affect the cost of septic tank pumping. Sometimes, it depends on the equipment that will be used, other times, it will depend on the location of the tank and the drain field. On average however, companies charge based on a per 1000 gal rate. This is the regular size of septic tanks, thus making it a practical benchmark.

Inspection Procedures

I have only had to avail of a cleaning service once since we bought our home back in 2003, but I was told that the process is pretty much standard. Pumping a septic tank first begins with an inspection of the system. When I had ours serviced, I showed them the problems such as the drains going down a bit slow, the flush going weaker, and then they inspected the area where the drainfield should be. They will look for the manhole cover that will give them access to the inside of the tank. This sometimes involves a lot of digging, but certain laws now state that these septic tank covers should now be raised for ease of maintenance. As an effect, cost of pumping septic tank will include inspection costs, as well as additional costs of risers and lids if needed.

Assessment Of The System

After a good look at the system, contractors will clean out any wastes that cannot be broken down such as plastics and other non-biodegradable material. A proper cleanout will also consist of an assessment of the whole unit. Contractors will check for signs of over-use of chemicals, or if there is a need for drainfield repair. Oftentimes, there is also a need for the installation of new filters or even bigger inlet and outlet baffles to make sure that the system works properly.

State And National Laws

Septic_Basics_Parts_of_the_Septic_System_Septic_Tank_and_Septic_Drain_FieldPumping septic tank cost pays for all the services and equipment needed not only to fix existing problems, but to make sure that future ones are avoided. A failing system could damage not only the household that uses it, but also the nearby areas, especially the ecosystem around it. I have heard news that for the safety of all involved, there are already state or even national laws that require homeowners to acquire cleaning services every few years. For households that have six or more occupants, cleaning should be done once a year. Those with less, about three to five people, should have their septic tanks serviced at least once every two years, while those with only one or two occupants can do so every three years. Knowing when to pump your septic tank is not just about abiding to these laws, but about making sure that the whole community stays safe and protected.

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