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Families in the United States should start installing septic tank risers.  The issue is not about the presence or the absence of any septic tank law in one’s state.  Whether there are any of such laws in your own state or there are none, one thing is surely going to happen in the future.  That septic tank system is going to bring you trouble.

Like anything that goes through the process of wear and tear, your septic tank will someday get filled up and start giving you problems.  Installing a septic tank riser is all that you need to avoid future headaches.

Septic Tank Risers And Lids – The Future Problems

I have had my septic tank pumped just a few years back, so in effect, I and my septic system just had a fresh beginning.  However, during the pumping service, the craftsmen spent hours of digging holes here and there just to look for the opening.  Look! We found it on the second day with me paying them for a day of fruitless work.

Don’t let things go wrong that way for you.  You know, you may have a more harrowing experience especially if there’s problem with the drainfield and smelly odors are filling the air.  You will regret that you did not put in place the solution before the problem takes into shape.

Concrete Septic Tank Risers And Lids – Is This The Best Solution

Don’t hold back on the money.  The concrete type of risers and sealing may be most affordable but that is not the perfect solution.  Read reviews and you’ll know how frustrated households are for using concrete.

Concrete septic tank risers don’t guarantee that the odors will not come out plus it can corrode the tank underneath.

Tuf Tite Septic Tank Risers – Your Best Solution

You sure have heard about the more expensive polyethylene or the PVC type.  That’s plastic for short.  Put in a few more hundred dollars for a riser of this type and your family would be worry-free for hundreds of years down to your children’s children.

So why am I telling you to go Tuf Tite?  This is the best solution as far as I know.  One, it is because you can DIY the installation easily and be free of installation cost. Just look for a video online.  I think there are some installation videos in Youtube.  Number 2, Tuf Tite is really tight.  I mean, there are screws all over the attachments from top to bottom.  Sewer gases are surely locked inside because the lid is perfectly sealed.  Your air will be odor-free and healthy.

Now, if you feel you cannot be sure if you can do the installation perfectly, feel free to call a sewerage and drain-cleaning company.  They’d be happy to do the job for you.

State Laws

septicTankInstalledSome states have laws that require citizens to install risers, some don’t.  I am not sure why there is no conformity with this very important issue.

Just the same, you shouldn’t let that drainage system cause bacterial accumulation in the air and health problems in the family in the future.  Be wise, purchase a riser and solve that problem slowly taking shape underneath now.

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