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Septic tank service costs vary from company to company.  The problem with this variation is companies can play around with the cost and gouge their customers.  I, myself, have a problem with that as companies do not tell all in their advertisements.

One company says the sludge removal cost is 199 dollars for a 1000 gallon tank of refuse, without them locating the septic tank, without them digging the ground, and for a certain distance.  But when you get the bill, the 199 can double or triple, just because they have to dig and locate the septic tank.

Clarify Cleaning Service Matters First Before Getting Into A Deal

The lesson is to clarify septic tank service cost issues and other issues first before getting a service, or better yet, to keep those servicemen away as much as possible.  But how?  It’s simple.  Learn how to keep your septic system trouble-free and try to keep solids from entering into the tank.

For one, may I remind you that the toilet is not a garbage receptacle.  Once you dump toilet paper, you speed up the accumulation of solid matters inside the septic tank.

Septic Tank Cleaning Service – Keep Water Away

Accumulating moisture about the drainfield can make it non-functional, plus it can speed the filling of the tank with sludge.  Once there’s too much water around, the drainfield can no longer absorb additional water coming from the septic tank.

If you know this is happening in your system, get to work immediately and do some transformation on the landscape.  The foundation drains and the roof gutters may also be contributing to the problem.  Look into the water sources around your house and divert the flow of water away from the septic tank.

Keep the area dry – that’s the first admonition you’re going to hear from any A1 septic tank service company.


Keep Chemicals Away From Your Drainage System

Septic tank service Atlanta companies and those from other places have problems with regard to chemicals, too.  The reason for this is that their jobs of cleaning and draining become harder in the presence of sticky and smelly chemicals.

Now, from your part, you should be aware of your responsibilities, too.  All of us are using chemical products from companies who don’t even guide us on how to use and dispose them.

Do minimize the use of heavy duty cleaners.  If you don’t know, these cleaners are killing the good bacteria which do the job of decomposing fecal and other food matters.

Do not pour grease into the sink or the toilet.  Once oily substances go into the drainfield, the soil gets greasy and therefore, unable to hold water.  And you know which of the chemicals you are using can contribute to this problem?  Gasoline, paint thinners, motor oils and varnish are some of the examples.

Keep Trees And Plants Away From The Area And A Warning

septic-tank (1)Lest I forget, move any nearby trees away from the drainfield and do the same with other plants.  Especially trees, these plants hold water in their roots.

Don’t open the septic tank just for you to save money.  If you attempt to do that and with the gases and the bacteria contained in the septic tank, you might get yourself hospitalized.

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